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Studies at the Nordic Gnostic Unity

This site will be discontinued - the teachings will be transferred to "Free Membership" and the NPA Organization to //Lars Helge Swahn, AIC, 2018-04-24

1. Baptism with Water

    One who longs to reach communion with the Almighty Father, God, must first of all wash away all filth from his mind with love and the forgiveness of water. The veil is then removed from our eyes, and only then it is possible to see the Creator.
    Water is also a symbol of the era we are now leaving - the age of Pisces. We have lived in a world of emotions without seeing what's beyond it. Our consciousness has been divided out towards the world and towards all exterior that has come in our way - we have focused outwards.
    We are now entering the Age of Aquarius - where the "baptism with water" symbolizes the Almighty Father's redeeming grace for us. If we welcome it and give it the opportunity to wash away from us all the programming that we created for ourselves through eons of lives in the form-manifested universe - then we will emancipate from the mind's lower qualitative influence.
    The redeeming "water" washes away all of our lower mind programming. This is done through guiding information about the cosmos and about yourself as a human being, your possibilities to develop, evolve and of course the right consciousness training. When you take part of the "baptism with water" you receive information about the spiritual purification and what you need to do.
    You learn how to train your consciousness from a lower quality mind oriented consciousness to a higher qualitative spiritual multi-dimensional quantum consciousness - free from all bondage of mind.

The baptism with water is done through weekly studies for 13 weeks behind login here on

2. Confirmation

    After 13 weeks of study behind login at you get an electronic web test. The most fundamental questions from the study period are asked. You answer them and can then download a certificate that says that you have confirmed the baptism, i.e. confirmed that you have taken part of the information and know what is required to develop a higher qualitative spiritual multidimensional quantum consciousness.

3. Baptism with Fire

    After the confirmation, you will learn what is required of you to later be baptized with fire.

    John the Baptist said: (Luke 3:16, Matthew 3:11)
I baptize you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire".

Very fortunate is the one who sacrifices himself in the fire of love and thereby destroys his lower quality ego and meets God - Christ within - first then can we see the Creator in His radiating form within ourselves.

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