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The Spiritual Master Teacher

True Gnosticism is the Source of all Science and Knowing.
Brief history of Gnosticism, NPA, AIC, NGU

Read more about Dr. Sandor A Markus in his biography below!


Figure 1: Dr. Sandor A Markus

Sandor Alexander Markus (John Marc) was born July 7, 1939 in Budapest, Hungary. He grew up under simple conditions in the countryside. As a child he experienced several flashbacks of his past lives on earth. During World War II he was sent to his aunt in a village in northeastern Hungary named Nádudvar, a few kilometers from the Hungarian planes - Puszta. The Hungarian word "puszta" means "emptiness".

Already as young, he had a philosophical inclination and spent most of his time alone with the animals he watched as his sole company.

A few weeks after his graduation in July 1953 an event took place that completely changed his life.

A sunny morning in the Puszta he was sitting under a willow tree watching some catfish playing in the muddy waters of a stream. Suddenly, he felt a powerful electric chock hitting him in the back, as if he was hit by lightning. Startled, he turned around quickly to see what was going on and saw a bright radiating light phenomenon of intense power standing just a few yards away. The light phenomenon was about eight or nine feet tall.

Figure 2: The light phenomenon in the Hungarian puszta

He shielded his eyes from the intense light, but the rays penetrated his hands hitting his face giving him the sensation of millions of tiny pinpricks. The light enveloped him completely and lifted his consciousness to a higher dimension, a transcendental state of mind. It opened up a panorama to a new world of inexpressible beauty, which only a few people on earth have ever seen.

Figure 3: The light phenomenon

He was allowed to contemplate the universal database, the matrix, the eternal tapestry of world destiny where the past, present and future are indissolubly intertwined in a sort of hologram. He also saw the cause of all suffering on earth and how every soul like small sparkles of light were struggling on different levels in an everlasting cycle of evolution.

There was no past, present or future. Everything existed simultaneously.

He saw a new earth emerging in anguish and even saw his own role entwined with the events that would occur at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century. He saw how thousands of men and women would experience a spiritual identity, a higher cosmic consciousness growing within them, thus giving birth to a feeling of moral freedom and justice far beyond all forms of prejudiced nationalism.

He saw the same leaders, who once lived here on earth during the ninth and tenth centuries, fighting each other over leadership in Europe, returning a thousand years later to bear the moral consequences of their former actions.

He saw Scandinavia, like the star of Bethlehem, rise at the horizon and lead the way for all of those seeking help from the shadow of darkness.

He saw the entire process of development in Europe and how a platform for action would emerge to lead Europe out of its spiritual darkness.

He saw different kinds of humanoid beings from more developed civilizations involved in the fate of Earth helping their younger siblings to free themselves from the thrall of ignorance and unconsciousness.

He heard an internal voice telling him in his own language to leave Hungary and go to Sweden to establish a school, a center for higher development of consciousness.

He got to know that his mission was to reestablish the undistorted true cosmic doctrine, true Gnosticism - Atma Vidja (the Science of the Soul) instead of the consciousness related to the mind, intellect. The Soul Consciousness was to be reestablished, which is the core within all created forms, philosophies, ideologies and religions.

Gnosis means insight - to know.

This is the same science and insight as Buddha, Jeshu ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth), John the Baptist, Confucius, Krishna, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Pythagoras and others had promulgated to mankind for thousands of years. This cosmic knowledge, knowing that had been literally interpreted, misunderstood and misused by an established church which called itself Christian at the same time as it persecuted, tortured, burned at the stake and murdered thousands of people who had a different view about Christianity than the established church had itself.

Sandor A Markus told no one about his experience the summer day in 1953 in the Puszta, not even his own mother.

After this experience he gained completely a new perspective of life, a perspective that was to create numerous obstacles for him later on in his grown-up life.

It wasn’t until three years later, in 1956, during the Hungarian uprising against the Soviet occupation that he was able to immigrate to Sweden.

Prior to leaving Hungary, he worked in coalmines in Oroszlány and Tatabánya a few miles outside of Budapest in order avoid the military career his mother and a doctor colleague of hers had planned for him.

He worked in the mine for 10-12 hours a day, with only Sundays free. The conditions were harsh and primitive, and fatalities due to cave-ins, methane gas explosions and other hazards were a part of everyday life.

On the morning of October 23, 1956, after the revolution, he devised an escape plan and set off by foot for the Austrian border. He went through fields and woods to avoid Russian troops out on the roads. Poorly armed locals who shot at anyone who seemed suspicious guarded some of the villages.

He got help during the journey by kind, caring people who provided food, drink and shelter and also guidance to help him find the right way. It took him a whole month to reach the Austrian border due to different obstacles on the way.

Reaching the border the 23rd of November 1956, about 11 pm, he heard the sounds of handguns and machine guns and he hesitated to move on. Then he remembered the inner voice from 1953 telling him to move to Sweden. He overcame his fears and moved on. He had nothing to fear.

Due to heavy fire from Russian and Hungarian border patrols, it took him and some thirty other persons until 03.00 in the morning on the 24th of November to cross the border. The revolution was over and the border patrols’ orders were to fire at anybody trying to cross the border.

Once in Austria, agents of the International Red Cross took him to Graz and from there he was sent to Klagenfurt to live in a Jesuit barracks that was used temporarily as a refugee camp. The Swedish Red Cross transferred him to Sweden on the 6th of December 1956 together with several hundred other refugees.

At last he was in Sweden but he didn't know what to do: how should he fulfill the assignment given to him by the bright radiating being?

Over the years that followed he contacted various religious and occult associations, so-called mystery schools. He was looking for answers to different questions regarding life in its entirety. Bur none of these organizations could give him a satisfactory answer to his simple question: what is the meaning of life? They directed him either to the Holy Bible or to some guru no longer present amongst people on earth.

After many years of silence he once again was contacted by the cosmic being that appeared to him in the Hungarian puszta. This time the being urged him to go to South America, to Ecuador.

Ecuador means "the country closest to the sun" in Quechua (a language of the former Inca Empire).

He lived in Vilcabamba, a remote village in the southeast of the Andes together with some 150 Incas and his spiritual master, Professor Johnny Lovewisdom, Ph.D., B.Sc., D. D. known as the hermit and saint of the Andes.

The Quechua word "Vilcabamba" means "valley of longevity". Vilcabamba is situated in the southeastern part of Ecuador. At that time, Vilcabamba was one of five places on earth were people became very old. This beautiful place is nowadays exploited by the tourist industry.

Sandor A Markus especially remembers one of the Indians living in Vilcabamba. His name was Manuel Ramon, and by that time he was 121 years old according to the notebook of the Catholic Church. He lived mainly on fruits and vegetables and was still performing the same kind of work as the younger.

Figure 4: Manuel Ramon

At that time, Prof. Dr. Lovewisdom was president of an independent, non-governmental university within the human sciences: "The International University of Natural Living Science of Man" and prior of the "Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection", founded in 1962 in Vilcabamba and officially registered and approved by the government of Ecuador. Reg No. 892, Acdo 1725 of Sept. 18. 1975.

Prof. Dr. Lovewisdom was also a member of ORDO FRATRUM CARMELITARUM DISCALCEATORUM (Discalced Carmelite Order), the most demanding order within the Catholic Church. Furthermore he was the patriarch, the archbishop in Ecuador of "The Old Holy Catholic Church".

The University cooperated with several independent foreign universities and research centers, such as: "The National Ecclesiastical University, Sheffield, England (established 1916)", The Northern Pontifical Academy and Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (established in Ecuador 1968), The University of Human Sciences, Hayward’s Heath, England and Bordeaux, France (established 1970), Yoga Vedanta University and the Divine Life Society, Himalayan, India (established 1936), Universal Spiritual Union-Brotherhood, and the Bodha Society of America, Inc. (established 1936 in Ocean Park, California, USA). International Federation of Scientific Research Societies (established in Teheran, Iran 1925).

Prof. Dr. Lovewisdom initiated Sandor A Markus in the Original Christianity, Gnostic Christianity and in the Mahayana Buddhism.

Original Gnosticism, later known as Christianity came originally from India. It constitutes the fundaments in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam etc. Earlier it originated from Atlantis and was brought there from outer space by extraterrestrials, so-called "Sons of God" - who lived according to the Law of the Cosmos. Gnosticism is nothing but cosmic science, Life Science or the Science of the Soul, and is based on God-realization through Self-realization. God-realization through Self-realization is an inner process that has nothing with the mind or intellectualism to do. It is based on the science (knowing) related to the innermost essence of the human being, life, creation. It has nothing with belief, perception or illusion to do. All such things are of secondary nature.

In 1976, after five years of studies of the Gnostic Christianity and Mahayana Buddhism, Sandor A Markus received his Ph.D. in Sacred Theology and Philosophy at the University of Natural Living Science of Man.

Dr. Lovewisdom appointed Sandor A Markus the head of "The Northern Pontifical Academy" and the Patriarch, Archbishop of the Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (apostolically founded in Ecuador in 1968).

Sandor A Markus would henceforth be called John Marc (Markus Johannes - Marcion) - the beloved disciple of Christ.

His title as the "Patriarch, Archbishop" is an office and not a religious title which is applied in the established Christian church.

Dr. Lovewisdom appointed him professor in Human Sciences within Faculte Libré de Culture Humaine Intégrale. This faculty was registered in Bordeaux, France until 1975, and was then moved to Ecuador, and stayed there until 1989.

In 1989 Sandor A Markus registered a private, non-governmental Academy Foundation in Sweden under the name "L’Academie Internationale de Culture Humaine Intégrale A.I.C." - The International Academy For Global Human Culture.

Human Science in its original context belongs to Anthropology and has to do with "knowledge of the source of truth" or in other words "how you know what is right".

Human Science according to the CelesteMetoden® (CelesteMethod®) is the only science today able to explain life from a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness perspective.

Sandor A Markus wasn’t only interested in religion and philosophy. He was looking for a scientific explanation to the connection man – hyperspace. He realized that in order to develop a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness man had to reach a total physical, emotional and mental harmony. He considered the mental, emotional and physical well-being to play an important role in the cosmic evolution of man.

He also realized that unless we develop a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, political or religious solutions to life and societal problems would be out of the question. This kind of higher qualitative consciousness must be under the increasing influence of the Soul instead of the mind.

Human interaction across all borders, spanning all traditions, religious and ideological beliefs is the only accessible way to peace and fellowship between individuals, races and nations. Everything else leads to disunity and destructive behaviour only.

Sandor A Markus has studied and done research on religion, mysticism, politics, anthropology, and medicine with a special interest in quantum physics, metaphysics, human science and Ayurveda. His studies and research, largely based on his own experiences, have made it possible for him to state that the answer to the mystery of life and the universe is within man himself and that all this can be explained in a scientific way.

According to Sandor A Markus, Gnosticism and quantum physics will change completely people’s perspective of life and the universe, hyperspace during the first half of the 21st century. Quantum consciousness will bridge the differences between ancient ideological and religious beliefs. A new world and a new consciousness will emerge from the ruins of the old.

Before this change for the better, there will be a change for the worse. People clinging to old, outdated traditions and refusing to let go will have trouble keeping up with the development. One cannot build a new house on an old foundation and guarantee its safety. People must leave the past, the outdated traditions keeping them chained in a perishable, transitory existence. People must change entirely their consciousness and their fundamental beliefs regarding life and the universe.

Sandor A Markus argues that the institutional Christian church must be restructured, reformed if it wants a role in tomorrow's society. It must recognize Gnosticism as the Original Christian teachings, Science of the Soul, and reintroduce it in its preaching. Otherwise, the established Church will cease to exist in just a few decades.

In 1982 Sandor A Markus left Sweden and settled in Denmark.

His interest in further research within anthropology drove him to different countries, among others: Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Hawaii, where he gained knowledge of oriental philosophy, religion, medicine, mysticism etc.

After he returned to Sweden in 1989, Sandor A Markus established an independent, non-governmental Academy for studies in human science according to the CelesteMethod®. The studies are conducted by way of seminars and distance education, newsletters etc.

Sandor A Markus has been rewarded for his humanitarian activity:

* 1984 he was awarded the Pax Mundi Award (World Peace Award) and was appointed Peace Ambassador (1989) by Organization Mondiale de la Press Diplomatique, Brussels, Belgium.

* He was elected "International Man of the Year" 1991, and "Who’s Who of Intellectuals" 1991-1992 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

* In 1991, he was awarded a mark of honor by the Zoroastrian College, All India Shah Behram Baug Society for Scientific and Educational Research, Bombay, India.

* In 2004 he was appointed for five years to Honorary Diplomat and Cultural Attaché for Scandinavia and Hungary in Bioethics, by Human Bio Ethics Treaty Organization (HBTO), Washington DC. USA.

After 35 years of research and multidisciplinary studies, Sandor A Markus came to the conclusion that with the help of a specific brain development program it is possible for human beings to achieve a multi-dimensional consciousness and thereby be able to behold the cause behind every possible problem in life.

Beyond the well-known space-time dimension, introduced by Albert Einstein, there exists a so-called dimension of eternity with no time factor and no rotating matter (holo-movement).

This virtual dimension was given the name implicit order, folded universe by the physicist David Bohm. This dimension is the central computer of hyperspace, the absolute consciousness, the super brain, the Central Sun around which the entire explicit order, unfolded (form-bound / form-manifested) universe revolves in perpetual motion with all its galaxies, solar systems and planets.

According to Sandor A Markus, no speed of light exists because the entire explicit order - the unfolded universe is in constant holo-movement.

The speed of light as well as time is "illusion", a notion.

The only existing thing is "the perpetual present".

We can measure and see light moving because we have a three-dimensional time-space perception. But seen from a four- and five-dimensional view neither time nor space exist. It is our three-dimensional senses that give us this illusory perception.

According to Sandor A Markus, signals, information, and images can be transferred from one dimension to another without distortion or delay, regardless of distance and time between the transmitter and receiver. All communication in the vast universe, hyperspace works in a similar way.

A human being's thinking phenomenon works the same way as television- and radio waves and the communication between the cells of the human body. The universe (macro cosmos) and human being (micro cosmos) are identical. If man gets to know himself then he will know how the entire hyperspace works. A human being's body is a microscopic part of the hologram which constitutes the entirety of the explicit order (unfolded universe).

According to Sandor A Markus parallel worlds do exist, one non-physical four-dimensional astral world and one five-dimensional mental-causal world. Our three-dimensional world is a condensed reflection, a projection or manifestation of those two dimensions of subtle information.

These three worlds together constitute the explicit order, the unfolded, manifested, form-bound universe, hyperspace to where earth belongs.

Beyond the third, fourth and fifth dimensions is the implicit order (folded universe), the virtual dimension that is called the spiritual world.

This world is the true, undistorted world without any kind of illusion.

This implicit, virtual, spiritual world from the 10th to 6th dimension is the seat of Christ-consciousness, the Absolute Consciousness behind all Creation, Matter, Form that exists in the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions.

This spiritual world is timeless and formless. It is eternal - everlasting and unchangeable. It cannot be manipulated.

The implicit order (or folded universe) is formless, silent, an isolated totality. It constitutes the true spiritual source of all creations, from where every religion and philosophy emanate.

As long as people haven't reached a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, and are unable to synchronize their brain computer with this virtual, implicit order, enfolded universe, the source of all creation, man will have various beliefs and conceptions about the universe, the hyperspace in its entirety.

The human brain must be in resonance with this implicit order (enfolded universe) in order to understand what Jesus Ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth), Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak and other spiritual masters have mediated to people for thousands of years.

Prior to this, the universal knowledge will be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused and used as a belief, a conception instead of becoming a knowledge (science).

To have conscious communication between the three-dimensional physical world and the parallel five-dimensional (mental-causal) world, one must integrate the waking brain functions with the non-waking, unconscious part.

This process of integration is possible only if people consciously activate the pineal gland, "corpus pinealis plexus" in the diencephalon (the intermediary brain). The epiphysis has degenerated as man during a long period of time descended deeper and deeper in the gross physical matter, the three-dimensional world.

The pineal gland is the place of the primary atom, the seed-atom, the soul-atom, (the soul) and it is the commander's bridge for human consciousness and cognitive activity. The pineal gland in Sanskrit literature is called "Tisra Til" (third eye) and is "the window towards the universe". It works as a link (bridge) between the three-dimensional physical intellectual consciousness and the fifth-dimensional intuitive universal quantum consciousness.

Figure 5: 1: Pituitary gland, hypophysis, 2: Hypothalamus, 3: Pineal gland

According to Sandor A Markus, the conception of soul and mind are often mixed together but they differ from the point of view of quality and consciousness.

The Soul belongs to the implicit order, the enfolded, virtual universe and is the source of the seed-atom, soul atom, absolute consciousness. The soul is not dependent of space and time. It is eternal – infinite.

The Mind belongs to the explicit order, the unfolded universe, and is the source of form, matter, the universal consciousness, awareness of energy, form, matter, the world of phenomena.

The Mind is restricted to time and space, is remoldable and is subject to permanent restructuring and change.

The pineal gland (corpus pinealis plexus) is the link between the soul atom (soul consciousness) and the mind atom (mind consciousness) and is symbolized by the marble on top of the Staff of Mercury (Caduceus). The staff of Mercury is an ancient symbol of the art of healing (the medical profession).

The staff of Mercury has two snakes (one white and one black) entwined around the staff. At the top of the staff there is a marble with two wings attached on either side. The white snake symbolizes the soul and the black snake symbolizes the mind and its influence.

The marble at the top symbolizes the pineal gland, from which the cosmic energy, the power of life in its threefold nature: plus (+), minus (-) and neutral (0) (Pingala, Ida and Sushumna according to Sanskrit terminology) flows down the spinal cord in the human body.

These three channels (streams) of energy correspond according to western medical terminology to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), i.e. the parasympathetic (+) and sympathetic (-) nervous systems, and the central nervous system (CNS), i.e. brain and spinal cord.

The two wings on the staff symbolize the two brain hemispheres, the left (intellectual) and the right (intuitive).

Figure 6: Staff of Mercury

Today's intellectual conscious human being uses at the most 17 % of his brain capacity consciously. It is mostly connected to the left logical, mathematical brain hemisphere. The remaining 83 % of the total brain capacity is not used consciously today, and it is mostly connected to the right creative brain hemisphere.

Excessive use of the left intellectual part gives a strain on the sympathetic nervous system and is the main cause of fear, anxiety, stress and many psychosomatic illnesses.

In order to reach a higher qualitative transcendental cosmic consciousness, to live in harmony with our surroundings and ourselves, to avoid organic, emotional and mental disturbances, we have to synchronize the conscious and the unconscious parts of our brain. If we synchronize our brain waves we can direct our thoughts towards high-quality goals and can control our mental and emotional functions.

Sandor A Markus has developed a Cosmic Brain Development Program called the CelesteMethod®. It gives any person regardless of belief, sex or age the possibility to develop his or her present three-dimensional consciousness to also include a five-dimensional universal quantum consciousness.

This Cosmic Brain Development Program consists of three main parts: one of information, one of analysis and one of measure.

According to Sandor A Markus, people need to spend 40 – 60 minutes every day practicing this Cosmic Brain Development Program to activate the epiphysis in the forehead region. This daily training will withdraw attention and focus from our five lower consciousness centers to the forehead region, above the eyebrows, thus making it possible to reach a five-dimensional universal quantum consciousness.

This is the only way one can neutralize lower thoughts, feelings, low quality properties stored in the DNA information structure. These constitute obstacles when struggling to reach our purpose, our goal of cosmic evolution.

The consciousness of the human being is controlled by five higher and five lower mind (consciousness) centers.

The five lower mind centers, consciousness centers are connected exclusively to the sensory world, the explicit order (the unfolded universe) with its countless forms of creation.

The sixth mind center, consciousness center, epiphysis, is the connective link, the bridge between the explicit order, the unfolded universe and the implicit order, the enfolded "virtual" soul related universe.

The three lower consciousness centers bind humans to matter, the lower quality characteristics and control reproduction, emotional activity and materialistic thinking and action.

Figure 7: Human lower and higher energy centres (chakras, vortices).

The major part of humanity has their mental activities focused in these three lower qualitative mind centers, consciousness centers, and most of the people are totally unaware of this fact. In these centers are also accumulated individual properties of fate (karma), which causes the fate of mankind for better and for worse.

The human being as seed atom, soul atom, soul being, spiritually conscious being, is referred to as he and not as she, which is usual within intellectualism. The soul, the soul atom is a projection of the implicit order, the enfolded universe, the virtual positive primary power, the eternal infinite energy ocean of information (consciousness) that is called God.

The mind, the intellect is part of the explicit order, the unfolded universe, the negative mind power, the power of matter, the power of Lucifer, matter, form and is called she.

We have to distinguish the soul from the form (housing), i.e. distinguish the software from the hardware. The human housing belongs to the material world and is called "SHE". The soul belongs to the virtual or spiritual world and is called "HE". The terms "he" and "she" have nothing to do with gender. They refer to the positive and negative property of the primary energy. (Note that the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ refer to the POLARITY of the energy and have nothing to do with its QUALITY).

Human beings, who focus their energy in their three lowest energy centers (centers of consciousness and energy), are with no exception thinking and acting egocentrically, selfishly. This explains the cause of violence, war, destructive behavior, hate, division, vanity, jealousy, craving for power, greed, ambition, scathing criticism and egoism of different kinds.

Human beings, who focus their energy in their three higher energy centers (centers of consciousness and energy) and who do not descend below the heart center (cardiac plexus), have started their cosmic evolution to achieve higher consciousness.

When the consciousness in man, the activity of thinking, without exception is focused (concentrated) in the epiphysis man has achieved a five-dimensional cosmic quantum consciousness, a universal consciousness and a complete balance between mind, intellect and soul.

People who focus their energy on their two lowest energy centers (centers of consciousness) are without exception egoistic in their thinking and actions. Their actions are controlled unconsciously, instinctively in a selfish way. Their beliefs, emotions and decisions are largely based on other people’s opinions. They can hardly make up their own mind. If they take action the result will be egocentric.

If people focused in their two lowest energy centers possess high decision-making positions in society, companies, politics, within religious movements etc., the result will be egocentric, destructive and subversive.

Here we can find materialistic people, selfish people, people abusing power, psychopathic people etc., doing whatever it takes to reach their goal even if takes place at the expense of others or the environment.

On the other hand, human beings who have reached a higher cosmic consciousness and are focused in their four higher energy centers in their bioelectrical bodies have started to develop individuality and universal thinking. They take other people into consideration; they serve their fellow beings, help people in need and show interest, not only in themselves and their own success, but help other human beings to reach success.

In order for society to develop for the better and not stagnate in its cosmic evolution, it is important that human beings spend more time dealing with their inner resources instead of concentrating as most people do on the exterior, the material and everything else that is transitory.

The more conscious one becomes the more understanding of the laws and manifestations of the universe.

The epiphysis (pineal gland) is the instrument which is used in communication between individuals and dimensions. To an ordinary human being this communication is unconscious. To higher developed beings the communication is conscious. A concept like ESP (extrasensory perception) which is considered to be something supernatural can be explained from a cosmic scientific point of view. What we regard as supernatural, transcendental or so-called parapsychological phenomena are so in relation to our limited consciousness. For the time being our capacity to interpret unknown phenomena related to other dimensions or planes of existence is also limited and dependent of our level of consciousness.

Our cosmic brain program consists of one theoretical and one practical part. This way we are able to synchronize the conscious and unconscious parts of our brain, thus increasing our level of consciousness to be able to make better decisions in different situation.

Such a process of development is the only way leading to the ability to see at an early stage the effect of one’s planned decisions and actions thereby avoiding making the same mistakes over and over again creating even more problems.

By using this process people will be able to control their own low-quality feelings and thoughts thus neutralizing aspects as fear, anxiety, impatience, aggressively, irritation, disappointment, sadness, vanity, lust for power, acquisitiveness, hate, jealousy and egoism of different kinds. These characteristics are bugs in the human brain, human software, and they are obstacles in the way of happiness, harmony, well-being, further development and a lasting peace between individuals, races and nations.

Parliamentary democracy of today cannot change the world or society for the better except when dealing with tangible property and then only for a few persons. In its nature, parliamentary democracy is oedipal and nihilistic. It can only contribute to a decrease in cosmicality, i.e. to decreased cosmic consciousness (spirituality) and increased mind related materialism, which will lead sooner or later to the total stagnation of mankind and society, their cosmic evolution.

The only way out of is a cosmic dynamic process which allows mankind to emancipate from barbarianism, the murderous attitude prevailing today and reach a higher cosmic consciousness and thereby peace.

Spirituality is not the same as "religion". Spirituality is a cosmic dynamic process and the result is cosmic consciousness. The ability to obtain cosmic consciousness is within each of us and has nothing with religion, sectarianism or idolatry to do.

Spirituality is based on God-realization through self-realization.

By learning and obeying the laws of the universe we become a greater part of the cosmic power we call God. This power permeates and maintains everyone and everything, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.

In this way man will become one with the creative power, the implicit or enfolded universe, God.

The word "God" means "good, goodness, universal love, total harmony".

God is not a person, but a universal virtual power consisting of omnipresent transcendental Sound and Light.

The transcendental Sound is the essence, while the Light is the substance in the process of creation.

The Sound essence sets in motion seed-atoms (primary atoms) and this creates Light. All of creation is "trapped light". Matter with various degrees of density manifest through an interplay of different patterns of vibration, which is the inherent (implicit) order of the universe. The transcendental Sound is the carrier of information (data) which assumes a human form. This way Sound becomes a personalized God.

The soul (the absolute original consciousness) is a spark, a fragment, a drop of this divine ocean of energy. The transcendental Sound is the primary factor in the process of creation and it is referred to in the first chapter in the Gospel of John:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being".

The outflow of this "word of God" is the original energy, the primary essence in all forms, in all manifestations in the vast cosmos. In Christianity it is called The Holy Spirit.

Before we can understand the creation and nature and see them as they are and not as we imagine, we must rid ourselves of our conceptions. Then only can we see the reality. When the divine shines through in man's space-time and form bound consciousness he will share God's creative power and wisdom.

As our consciousness gets more profound and expands, then our consciousness will have an ever-clearer image of the cosmic, divine. One should not seek for consciousness in the material world but in our innermost being. The "Word of God" (the sound) is a part of our mind world that man recreates. The "Word of God" has been down-transformed and projected into the world of life.

When the infinite divine presence, the higher cosmic consciousness breaks through in man's three-dimensional consciousness, he will be part of God's creative power and wisdom. Through self-realization and cosmic consciousness man will have a holistic perception of creation thus changing his world making it sacred or complete.

God's presence in man and in the world can never be described as they are in reality. No matter how reliable a description it is still using symbols and metaphors. No human model can describe reality entirely as it is. Such descriptions always reflect our perception and interpretation of life.

Only a highly developed Cosmic Master Teacher can explain what God is and how we can find Him. Only a highly developed Cosmic Master Teacher can lead the way out of the mind labyrinth and help us find our true home. Only a highly developed Cosmic Master Teacher can give us a description of how hyperspace works in its entirety.

The human being is a micro cosmos of the macro cosmos, the intersection between the creator and the creation, between limitation and the limitless infinite-eternal. In the human being converge all the strings of reality.

Man is co-creator in this three-dimensional world of matter and has much more responsibility than he is aware of at the moment. We are all actors in the worldly scene where we play our individual parts, hiding our true identities behind the mask of personality. We are so enraptured by the play that we identify ourselves with our roles. We believe the guise, our personality, our ego is us. We forget who God is and who we are.

The human being's core is the soul, which is a drop of the divine and universal ocean of primary energy and consciousness. Therefore every human being has within himself the key to all knowledge and love, as we have written in our literature.

Psychology has just begun to discover that the world can change as an effect of us working on our inner development. But psychologists must first learn the qualitative difference between mind and soul, thought and consciousness, between intellect and intuition, before they can see the underlying causes of man’s emotional and mental problems. We must reconnect to the soul's inner seat, the epiphysis (pineal gland) to give our intellect meaning and perspective in life.

Philosophy, religion, mysticism and science are only different interpretations of the creative processes, which can only be understood correctly when humanity has developed a higher-quality five-dimensional quantum consciousness.

A process of development regarding consciousness of man can only be acquired by using a cosmic dynamic brain program.

By adding the sixth to tenth dimensions of eternity to Dr. Albert Einstein’s fourth and fifth dimension of space-time, Sandor A Markus has been able to merge oriental and western philosophy, mysticism, religion and science on a common platform. The acquisition of this knowledge will lead to a higher cosmic consciousness and a lasting peace between individuals, races and nations. This knowledge is the only guarantee for the survival and evolution of the terrestrial civilization.

In 1981 in Dera, Punjab, India Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, one of the greatest Indian Masters, initiated Sandor A Markus in Sat Mat (science of the soul) and in Surat Shabd Yoga.

Figure 8: Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji.

Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji was trained as a lawyer and worked as such until 1951, when he succeeded his master, Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji Maharaj.

The physical, objective level of ordinary reality considered by science to be the "only real reality," is according to Sandor A Markus only the first level of several possible levels of experiences and consciousness.

In the three-dimensional (physical) level everything is considered to be separate from everything else. In the four- and five-dimensional (parallel) subjective level of thoughts and feelings, reality is experienced in quite a different way.

On this level everything is in resonance with everything. Everything is interconnected and communicating with everything. Nothing is separated or differentiated. Psychical "mental" phenomena as remote viewing, telepathy and telekinesis are experienced also as reality. On this level of consciousness all communication takes place with our innermost being, with the true or real "I". On this level we can experience how everything interacts with everything. Everything is an image, a projection of everything. There is no separation, no differentiation.

Separation is something we experience on the three-dimensional physical - material level of to which our planet earth belongs.

On the higher qualitative five-dimensional – subjective (quantum) level of consciousness we see and perceive the causality, the pattern behind everything that happens and is manifested in the four-dimensional subjective and in the three-dimensional objective world.

If we want to understand the reason and causality behind events in our three-dimensional physical world, we must train our brain to a five-dimensional consciousness.

There is neither beginning nor end to the subjective level of reality, only cycles, periods and transitions. If we apply this perspective to reincarnation "rebirth", we will find that all our former and future lives exist theoretically at the same time interconnected through the four- and five-dimensional field. Time is synchronous on this level, so the four- and five-dimensional connections can span time as well as space. This way some of us can remember fragments of our past lives.

According to Sandor A Markus, the human being as a cosmic being, a soul-being is referred to as "HE" and not as "SHE" as until now. We have to distinguish the real human being, the soul, soul atom (the primary consciousness) from the mind, the housing or body. Sandor A Markus claims that the human being in its innermost nature is a soul-atom, seed-atom, a soul-consciousness and is a projection of the implicit or enfolded universe. The soul uses the negative, explicit, unfolded universe or creation, world of forms as a means of expression. This way man in his primary, original form belongs to the implicit order. Man's secondary mind consciousness, material form, housing, belong to the explicit order.

We have to separate the information (the software) from the instrument (the hardware) which expresses and manifests the information.

Sandor A Markus experience cannot be compared with any Mediumship, Spiritualism, Magic, Shamanism, contact with Angelic Beings, the practice of various Yoga systems, Meditation etc., which characterize most of the New Age movement. All these phenomena belong to the Mind world (World of Phenomena) and lead only to bondage, stagnation and obstacles to the development of an all-encompassing cosmic consciousness.

Rather, Sandor A Markus experience can be compared with the experience Muhammad had on Mount Hira, when a light being who called himself "Gabriel" appeared to him and dictated the Koran. Likewise, Paul's experience on the road to Damascus, which contributed to his conversion from Judaism to Original Christianity, "Gnosticism."

It was Paul who laid the foundation to Christianity of today and the Christian faith which was later distorted, literally interpreted and abused because of power interests.

Paul received parts of Christ's secret doctrine which was about the "Science of the Soul" from "Marc" (Marc John) who had access to the true Gnosticism, Original Christianity.

Now the undistorted Gnosticism (Science of the Soul) is to be restored and it will characterize the humanity of the New Era (The Golden Age).

The Gnostics knew that through continuous consciousness training one will reach direct perception of how man and the cosmos work in their entirety. The training allows one to see the Kingdom of God (Creation in its entirety) already while working and living on earth.

As true Gnosticism about 100-200 AD degenerated into several currents, the genuine perception of truth in Gnosticism decreased gradually.

Gnosticism was regarded as a threat to the established Catholic Church in Rome, which took position between God and man. Gnosticism was banned after 300 AD and in order to come to God one was thus compelled to yield to the beliefs of the Christian Church. The direct perception of truth disappeared as an option to man, who through threats had to choose other paths. Man sank deeper into oblivion and consciousness decreased even more.

The Gnostics were persecuted after the entry of Christianity. The church even launched a crusade against the phalanx of people called Catarrhs and who professed to Gnosticism. The crusade became known as the "Albigensian Crusade." This occurred 1209-1229 AD. Gnosticism survived only as an esoteric flow with only a few followers and even fewer initiates.

The International Academy for Global Human Culture AIC is now reestablishing Original Gnosticism. Today, the only accessible path is continues consciousness training leading to direct perception about man and the nature of the cosmos. The "Nordic Gnostic Unity", NGU is the gateway to all regardless of nationality, color or ideological beliefs, who want to re-establish communication with the First Source, True Divinity, Central Universe, the implicit virtual order, and let his Soul Atom (higher quality consciousness) have a stronger influence instead of today's downward directed (lower quality) mind and sensory influenced consciousness.

If you sympathize with some religion, and partake of the AIC's development program, so it will be easier for you to understand the core (true meaning) in your own religion or philosophy. This is independent of whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Atheism, etc. Being a member of NGU and later the "AIC Association" does not mean that you have to abandon your religious or philosophical belief. Quite the opposite! It will strengthen your belief when you understand its true meaning.

Figure 9: We all have to choose path, either of the Soul or Mind

Time is short and man must choose path of either the Soul (knowing) or the Mind (faith, imagination, speculation). Which way we choose will be crucial to our future destiny.
Lars Helge Swahn, A.I.C.

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