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This is how you log-in...

1. Look above: This login field is visible up below the main top image. In the first field "Member login" Type "Your Email". Remove what is typed in and instead type in your own registered email address.

2. Look above: In the next field remove the dot-marks and instead type in your password.

3. Look above: Click "Log in".

4. On the next page that appears. Click the "Check"-box below the agreement. A check-mark appears.

5. Click the "Move Further"-button. A new page appears.

6. Click "TO MEMBER AREA"!

7. A new page appears. It says "Welcome [your name]!".

8. You have logged in. The member menu becomes visible in the main menu as second row.

9. If you have done everything according to above and the member menu is still not visible, then do the following:

10. Close the browser - not only the active browser window but the whole browser. Open the browser again and go to "" Then log in again. Then it should work, but if not do the following...

11. Allow cookies. This is done through settings in the browser. Eg. for Internet Explorer, do the following: Click in the menu at the top of the window - Tools - Internet options - Secrecy - Set slider on "Intermediate" - Click "OK".

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